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How to setup own selfhosted wiki

Disclaimer: many links in this post are referral. If you are uncomfortable with it, just search for the text in the links and use results from the search engines.


  1. Spin up a new virtual server (1 CPU + 1 GB RAM is fairly enough) in Vultr, Digital Ocean, etc.
  2. Register a new domain name
  3. Install Docker and Docker Compose
  4. Use docker-compose to deploy a wiki
  5. Backups

WireGuard on Ubuntu (server) and Android (client)

WireGuard is lightweight VPN with extremely simple configuration. All below was tested on Ubuntu 18.04 as server and Anroid 8.0.0 as client.

Python program template

For every simple python script you need same simple parts:

  • command line arguments parsing
  • logging
  • [optional] submodules
  • [optional] building to a binary

I’ve prepared a simple python project with all these parts to use as template. It is available on github.

Python sorting objects of user defined class

The most common way of sorting collections of custom objects in Python is to provide key function that is used to extract a comparison key from each element:

sorted("Case insensitive Sorting is here".split(), key=str.lower)

Tips for LXC 2: unprivileged containers

LXC containers are great for application isolation and safe deployment. Running unprivileged containers is the safest way to run containers in a production environment. This note contains enough information to create your own safe container.

Script for user configurations generation and sending at Ubuntu OpenVPN server

Ubuntu has a very detailed documentation about OpenVPN server configuration. The key feature of this note is script for automatic generation of single-file client configurations (keys and certs are embedded) and sending them by email. Looks interesting? Read below!

Install Jupyter Notebook and Scientific Environment in Ubuntu 14.04 With Python 3

Several changes occured since my last note about installing python scientific environment:

Scan images from command line in Linux

Console utilities in Linuxes are cool: mcabber for jabber, mutt for mail, mocp for music, vim to rule them all! This note is about scaning from the console (I assume your scanner is already set-up). Aim is to scan document with good quality into pdf with reasonable size.

Animations from scientific data using Paraview 4.3 and python

Create frames

This note describes usage of Paraview 4.3 (contrary to previous note with Paraview before 4.1). Some changes were made:

  • command line arguments were added to make code more reusable
  • it works with Paraview extracted from the archive (4.3.1)
  • white background must be specified manually (SetViewProperties(view, Background = [1, 1, 1]) in the code)

Install CUDA 6.5 on clean Ubuntu 14.04

Lately NVIDIA added repository for Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04. Recently I hit problem with missing dependencies for libcheese-gtk23 and libcheese7 libraries while installing latest CUDA 6.5 on clean Ubuntu 14.04. Remedy to this can be found on askubuntu. So, the complete set of commands is below.