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How to setup own selfhosted wiki

Disclaimer: many links in this post are referral. If you are uncomfortable with it, just search for the text in the links and use results from the search engines.


  1. Spin up a new virtual server (1 CPU + 1 GB RAM is fairly enough) in Vultr, Digital Ocean, etc.
  2. Register a new domain name
  3. Install Docker and Docker Compose
  4. Use docker-compose to deploy a wiki
  5. Backups

WireGuard on Ubuntu (server) and Android (client)

WireGuard is lightweight VPN with extremely simple configuration. All below was tested on Ubuntu 18.04 as server and Anroid 8.0.0 as client.

Tips for LXC 2: unprivileged containers

LXC containers are great for application isolation and safe deployment. Running unprivileged containers is the safest way to run containers in a production environment. This note contains enough information to create your own safe container.

Tips for LXC: creation, autostart, OpenVPN and port forwarding to containers

I’ve completed setting up my comfort set of LXC containers and want to save some points I spent a lot of time for or things for copy-paste.

I used the official Ubuntu Server Guide but note at Digital Ocean knowledge base also helped me a lot. I created 3 containers: one for vpn, one for site on Drupal and last one as www proxy for second one with nginx only.

Setup Drupal 7 with nginx and PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 14.04

This note is similar to previous drupal and joomla installations. Install requirements (webserver, php5, DB server, DB adapter for php) as root:

apt-get install -y nginx php5-fpm nginx postgresql php5-pgsql php5-gd

Email notification if IP is changed with Python and cron

This Python script retrieves computer’s external IP address (using internet.yandex.ru) and emails message with new IP if IP has been changed since last check. BeautifulSoup module is needed, so install it if you have no installed version:

sudo pip install beautifulsoup

Setting up Joomla 3.1.5 with PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 13.04

Enable tun for OpenVZ Ubuntu 12.04 containers in CentOS 6.4

To enable tun device in OpenVZ containers tun module

  • needs to be loaded in the host system (in my case CentOS 6.4)
  • containter (in my case Ubuntu Server 12.04) must be allowed to use tun

Configuring Ubuntu 12.04 in OpenVZ on CentOS 6.4

This howto is based on two sources: Official wiki and Amutu blog entry. In short, the main difficulty is in bridge network configuration: correct network configuration doesn’t work in CentOS 6.4 while NetworkManager is running. I compiled official documentation and fix found in Amutu blog here in one entry.

Creating Zip With VPN Client Keys and Configuration Files

Depends on server configuration, each OpenVPN client needs configuration file (client.conf for *nix and client.ovpn for windows), certificate authority (ca.crt), [optional] tls auth file (ta.key), user crt and key.