Animations from scientific data using Paraview 4.3 and python

Create frames

This note describes usage of Paraview 4.3 (contrary to previous note with Paraview before 4.1). Some changes were made:

  • command line arguments were added to make code more reusable
  • it works with Paraview extracted from the archive (4.3.1)
  • white background must be specified manually (SetViewProperties(view, Background = [1, 1, 1]) in the code)

Create video illustrations from numerical experiments data with Paraview and Python 2

See updated note.

One of the common tasks in computer modeling is visualization of numerical experiment as a movie. Usually it is one datafile per frame and target is to create frame-by-frame animation. If these files can be loaded and visualized in Paraview, it is easy to create the full video: load file in paraview with predefined parameters, create screenshot, load second file, etc. This process may be automated.