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WireGuard on Ubuntu (server) and Android (client)

WireGuard is lightweight VPN with extremely simple configuration. All below was tested on Ubuntu 18.04 as server and Anroid 8.0.0 as client.

Enable tun for OpenVZ Ubuntu 12.04 containers in CentOS 6.4

To enable tun device in OpenVZ containers tun module

  • needs to be loaded in the host system (in my case CentOS 6.4)
  • containter (in my case Ubuntu Server 12.04) must be allowed to use tun

Creating Zip With VPN Client Keys and Configuration Files

Depends on server configuration, each OpenVPN client needs configuration file (client.conf for *nix and client.ovpn for windows), certificate authority (ca.crt), [optional] tls auth file (ta.key), user crt and key.