Install up-to-date scientific environment in Ubuntu 14.04 with Python 3.4

Note: I’ve created an updated page with most recent instructions for Jupyter Notebook.

I use IPython notebook for processing numerical experiments results and plotting. The default Python 3 in Ubuntu 14.04 is 3.4, so it is easier to install really up-to-date bunch of software.

Full set of commands you need to install recent ipython notebook, numpy, scipy, etc in virtual environment almost without affecting shiny-new Ubuntu 14.04.

Install and configure btsync in Ubuntu 12.04

This note describes installation of Bittorrent Sync on Ubuntu. Tutorial was tested on Ubuntu 12.04, but it must work for all Debian-based systems. Read full btsync manual for advanced information.

Configuring Ubuntu 12.04 in OpenVZ on CentOS 6.4

This howto is based on two sources: Official wiki and Amutu blog entry. In short, the main difficulty is in bridge network configuration: correct network configuration doesn’t work in CentOS 6.4 while NetworkManager is running. I compiled official documentation and fix found in Amutu blog here in one entry.