Install CUDA 6.5 on clean Ubuntu 14.04

Lately NVIDIA added repository for Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04. Recently I hit problem with missing dependencies for libcheese-gtk23 and libcheese7 libraries while installing latest CUDA 6.5 on clean Ubuntu 14.04. Remedy to this can be found on askubuntu. So, the complete set of commands is presented below.

Create video illustrations from numerical experiments data with Paraview and Python 2

See updated note.

One of the common tasks in computer modeling is visualization of numerical experiment as a movie. Usually it is one datafile per frame and target is to create frame-by-frame animation. If these files can be loaded and visualized in Paraview, it is easy to create the full video: load file in paraview with predefined parameters, create screenshot, load second file, etc. This process may be automated.

Install up-to-date scientific environment in Ubuntu 14.04 with Python 3.4

Note: I’ve created an updated page with most recent instructions for Jupyter Notebook.

I use IPython notebook for processing numerical experiments results and plotting. The default Python 3 in Ubuntu 14.04 is 3.4, so it is easier to install really up-to-date bunch of software.

Full set of commands you need to install recent ipython notebook, numpy, scipy, etc in virtual environment almost without affecting shiny-new Ubuntu 14.04.

Research Papers Management With Zotero and Yandex.Disk

Zotero is an open source plugin for Firefox for managing research papers collections. You can use online zotero storage (pretty small) or use third-party sync application. I use Yandex Disk for this purpose: 10 Gb it quite enough for a moderate research library. zotero can automatically fetch article metadata (author, year, etc) from the web (like Mendeley and similar software do).